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Arcaffe Barcioc 1kg - Forró csoki

Arcaffe Barcioc 1kg - Forró csoki
Gyártó: Arcaffe
Típus: BS2383
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Bruttó. Az árak az ÁFÁ-t tartalmazzák.
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Ingyenes Szállítás Országosan 24.999Ft fölött!

Elérhetőség: Raktáron.

Szállítás 24/48H - gyorsfutárral országosan!

Arcaffe Barcioc drinking chocolate - try it and you'll know how the nectar of the gods should taste like! Arcaffe is a coffee and chocolate producer that makes its product never compromising on the quality.

The same applies to Barcioc chocolate.

Thick like pudding and at the same time naturally chocolate and sweet in taste, in short - a perfect dessert. Its unique taste and aroma comes from the unprecedented cocoa content, unusual in drinking chocolate, which is as high as 30%.

The cocoa content itself, however, is not the key element - it is its quality that matters the most.

Cocoa used in Arcaffe chocolate contains up to 24% of cocoa butter. That is why Arcaffe chocolate strongly stands out from the competition whose chocolate drinks contain from 10 to 12% of cocoa butter.

Another fact demonstrating that Arcaffe cares of the highest quality is the way it is produced. Because of the high temperatures during the summer in Italy, the production of chocolate with such a high content of cocoa butter would be difficult or even impossible, so it is withheld until the weather is optimal for production.

All these factors are combined to make the perfect chocolate that you'll love at first sip! Ingredients: sugar, unsweetened cocoa 22/24, corn starch, sodium chloride.

Cocoa content: 30% Cocoa butter content: up to 24%