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Bialetti Musa 10tz

Bialetti Musa 10tz
Bialetti Musa 10tz
Gyártó: Bialetti
Típus: BS3999
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Bruttó ár. Az árak 27%-os ÁFÁ-t tartalmaznak.

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Bialetti Musa 10tz

Musa Restyling coffee maker is a high quality product made by Bialetti, the world's leading manufacturer of coffee makers. It is the enhanced version of Musa coffee pot. This sophisticated coffee pot is distinguished by its clean and pleasant design. Bialetti Musa Restyling 10tz model it used to brew 10 cups of espresso at a time (approx. 50ml each). The total capacity is 500ml.


Product description

To prepare true Italian espresso, you just need this coffee pot, good coffee and a few minutes!

• Design: Its original design is combined with functionality. This device with its slim jug-like structure is made of stainless steel and has a black plastic handle. Stainless steel has less effect on the coffee taste than aluminum and the ergonomic shape of the handle allows for comfortable pouring of the prepared espresso.

• Use: Bialetti Musa Restyling is suitable for gas, electric and induction hobs (4tz size and more). Put the product on the hob so that the handle is beyond the reach of heat. Wash your coffee pot by hand, without any detergents. Not dishwasher safe. Choosing the size of your coffee maker, keep in mind that every time you need to prepare the quantity of coffee specified by the manufacturer.

• How does moka work? The coffee maker constists of a top sealed tank, a filter and a bottom tank. Put ground coffee beans in the filter, pour water into the bottom tank below the safety valve level and connect all the elements. Put the coffee pot on the stove and wait a few minutes. Hot water moves to the top tank, flowing through ground beans. Your delicious and aromatic espresso is ready!

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