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Glowbeans - The Gabi Master A Coffee Dripper

The Gabi Master A  is an innovative, easy to use, and giving great results coffee dripper.


- A csomag tartalmaz 10db. filtert is. /"White Paper Filters"/


The most unique feature of The Gabi is its showerhead-like waterspout. The water flows through 16 holes, rinsing ground coffee evenly, which results in a more regular extraction. The brewer consists of 4 light, solid parts made of plastic: water container, spout, dripper, and saucer.

Brewing is simple. Place the dripper with a paper filter on a cup and rinse the filter with hot water. Discard water, pour 15g of medium-ground coffee into the filter, connect all the elements, and pour 150ml of hot water into the water container. That's all you really have to do!

The water flows slowly into the spout element and slowly drips into the dripper. After about 3 minutes, 150ml of flavourful brew is ready! This brewing method eliminates the problem of proper water distribution from kettle and gives highly repetitive results.

The brewer is packed in a well-designed plastic box.

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