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Old Day SJP Grey Cotton Waist Kötény - 73x83 cm

Old Day SJP Grey Cotton Waist Kötény - 73x83 cm
Gyártó: Urban Bar
Típus: BS1496
Elérhetőség: Raktáron

Szín: Grey ( szürke )
Anyag: pamut, farmer
Súly: 321gr
Gyártási hely: Görögország
Méretek (cm): 73x83 cm
- Maximum 60 fokon mosható!





Topos Workshop “Old Day SJP” Bartender Waist Apron

A light grey cotton apron, the Topos Old Day SJP makes a fantastic mixologist apron. Keeping you comfortable in your working day, the soft fabric wraps around at the back.

Two pockets at the front allow bartenders to keep tools close at hand during busy times. This apron is also ideal for waiting staff as it has a premium aesthetic finish, and the pockets are great for order pads and pens.

Unfolded Dimensions:

  • Width 73cm
  • Height 83cm

Product Features:

  • Soft cotton material with a light grey/blue colouring
  • Slightly elastic fabric
  • Twin front pockets
  • Back side to embrace the body
  • Designed by Giannis Topizopoulos