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NutraMilk Nut Processor - mandulatej készítő

NutraMilk Nut Processor - mandulatej készítő
NutraMilk Nut Processor - mandulatej készítő NutraMilk Nut Processor - mandulatej készítő NutraMilk Nut Processor - mandulatej készítő NutraMilk Nut Processor - mandulatej készítő NutraMilk Nut Processor - mandulatej készítő
Gyártó: Brewista
Típus: BS1919
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Bruttó. Az árak az ÁFÁ-t tartalmazzák.
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Ingyenes Szállítás Országosan 24.999Ft fölött!

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After years of research and development, Nutramilk is here!

Perfect for home or commercial use, the Nutramilk Nut Processor Machine has the ability to produce a single litre for your family, or up to 75+ litres per day for a busy café or restaurant.

Until now, fans of nut milk and butters have had two options; commercial, shop-bought  products or DIY. Neither provide the perfect solution; shop-bought nut milk may contain unwanted additives and a low nut content, whilst DIY is time-consuming and messy.

NutraMilk’s patented, revolutionary method of making delicious, healthy nut milk from virtually any type of nut makes the once tedious process simple and fast. You control the recipe, so there's no unwanted "extras" - purity and freshness are guaranteed.

With NutraMilk, you can make up to two litres of your favourite nut milk in less than 12 minutes, compared to the hours or days it can take using other methods, and you can make delicious, creamy nut butters even quicker.

Your Nutramilk arrives with a beautifully bound recipe book with no less than 200 recipes, from simple nut milks to plant-based blends – all quick, easy and delicious. You’ll also develop your own perfect creations as you familiarise yourself with The Nutramilk Nut Machine.

Whether you favour almond, cashew or any other kind of nut, Nutramilk makes the process quick and simple with an easy clean-up.

Always use dry nuts in your Nutramilk – the days of having to soak nuts are over!



The NutraMilk Nut Processor
A copy of 200 DELICIOUS & HEALTHY RECIPES for your NutraMilk from Nuts, Seeds, Grains & More by Rita Rivera
Nutramilk Cleaning Brush

Capacity: Produces up to 2 litres of alternative, non-dairy milk 
Processes up to 5 cups of nuts for up to 3 cups of alternative butter
UK plug or EU 2 pin plug – select the correct option for your region
Motor: 220/240 V, 500W, 3/4hp
Low db. running motor (65 dBa.)
On/Off Switch with red light indicator
Safety mechanism
LCD display
4 suction cup feet on base prevent slipping
Clear dishwaser-safe, BPA-free Tritan Canister
Water level indicator
Built-in dispensing spigot
Photo-etched stainless steel filter emulsifies the alternative butter in water filtering out fine particles resulting in a smooth, rich alternative milk
Stainless steel double cutting blade
CUL or CETL certified (Commercial UL Certified)
NSF Certified
If you're looking to buy the Nutramilk Nut Processor Machine anywhere in Europe, you're in the right place! If you're from the US, please hop over to 

Delicious plant-based drinks, alt milks, nut milks, nut butters, dips, smoothies, purees and more with Nutramilk