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Mahlkönig K30 - Vario - Fekete

Mahlkönig K30 - Vario - Fekete

Jelenleg az egyik legjobb és legnépszerűbb elektromos kávédaráló!

Fokozatmantes örlésfinomság állítása

Síktárcsás kések - 64mm 

Babtartály kapacitás - 1.5kg 

Garancia: 12 hónap.

Beans are ground directly into the port-a-filter (automatically when inserting the portafilter).

The coffee retention level has been minimised; as a result the grinder guarantees tightness.

Stable grinding disks of large diameter (65 mm) and a low-speed motor ensure even grinding.

Capacity of the grinder is approx. 3.6 - 4.8 grammes per second.

The grinder is also equipped in a capacious hopper which can hold 1.5 kg of beans.

A clear fineness scale is located at the front panel of the device - there are 21 finenesses to choose from.

Electronic times allows adjusting a dose of grinding coffee. Two programmable buttons allow setting single and double dose. For the convenience of a user, there is also a clear display on the panel.