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Nuova Simonelli - Mythos One - Fekete

Nuova Simonelli - Mythos One - Fekete
Nuova Simonelli - Mythos One - Fekete
Gyártó: Nuova Simonelli
Típus: BS1725
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
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Nuova Simonelli - Mythos One - Fekete

Jelenleg az egyik legjobb és legnépszerűbb elektromos kávédaráló!

Garancia: 12 hónap.

Mythos One is one of the most advanced espresso grinders you can find, produced by Nuovo Simonelli from Italy. Created by and for professionals - it can be found in the most demanding cafes in the world and on the tables during the World Barista Championships. 


- On Demand - grind as much coffee as you need, directly into the portafilter.

- Durable Burrs - 75mm diamater, made of steel, covered with titanium.

- Clima Pro Technology - the innovative, intelligent management of milling chamber temperature (35 to 45 degrees Celsius) that ensures constant dose and therefore a better quality of espresso extraction.

- Precise and Reliable - with the clump crusher system the dose is dropped into the center of the portafilter with less than a gram of grounds retained between doses, reducing the need to purge between dose and waste beans.

- Micrometric Grind Adjustment - allows for infinite and stepless control of grind coarseness.

- Quiteness - total silence is mark of its superb technology, which is the result of using the highest quality materials along with excellent construction precision.

- Programming - program the dose or use the Barista Mode, which allows for dose adjustments of all free individual dose buttons, without having to enter the programming mode.

- High Production - it grinds more than 15 kg of coffee an hour. The hopper may hold up to 1.3kg of beans.

- Portafilter Hook - hands-free grinding increases efficency of the bar.

- LED Lamps - Illuminated workspace.