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Arcaffe Gorgona 250g

Arcaffe Gorgona 250g
Gyártó: Arcaffe
Típus: BS5545
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Bruttó ár. Az árak 27%-os ÁFÁ-t tartalmaznak.

Ingyenes Szállítás Országosan 29.999Ft fölött!

Arcaffe Gorgona 250g

Kiszerelés: 250g

Típus: szemes kávé

Gorgona is the name of an island within the Tuscan archipelago which is located near Livorno. It is also the name of the new blend from Arcaffee roaster of high-quality Arabica beans (85%) and Robusta (15%). It has been created for those who prefer more intense flavor.

Coffee made with these beans is very well balanced, full bodied, with delicate acidity and strong aroma. It leaves mild licorice aftertaste.

It is a blend of high quality Arabica beans (85%) and Robusta (15%):

- Brazil - washed, Fazenda Lagoa do Morro
- India, Vellakadai estate
- Brazil - natural, Fazenda Samambaia
- India - robusta, Manamboli estate.

They are coffees certified by "CSC ® - Certified Speciality Coffee Association of Italy" - all packages are labelled with a number and hologram proving high-quality and preventing counterfeiting.