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Textil filter - Drip pothoz

Textil filter - Drip pothoz
Gyártó: Hario
Típus: BS1046
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Bruttó ár. Az árak 27%-os ÁFÁ-t tartalmaznak.

Ingyenes Szállítás Országosan 14.999Ft fölött!

HARIO Cloth Filter for DFN1&DPW1 3pcs

A csomag tartalma: 3 db. textil filter

Kompatibilis - Hario Drip Pot 240ml

Hario Cloth Filters for Woodneck - Reusable Cloth Filters for Smooth Coffee Finish

Grab a pack of Hario drip pot cloth filter replacements today and continue enjoying your manual brewing experience in no time.

Using the Hario Cloth Filter for Woodneck drip pot is enjoyable and rewarding. Hario paper filters are, of course bio-degradable, but the cloth filter does not need to be replaced after one use like the former. Simply wash the filter cloth and store it in wet, in a small amount of water in the fridge. Never let the cloth filter dry out to avoid any unwanted odor or taste, and reuse it whenever necessary.

The cloth filtering method is known to produce remarkably clean smooth tasting coffee. The wood-neck drip pot filters are used by baristas and coffee enthusiasts to produce a slightly deeper and richer coffee taste. This is partly due to the fact that cloth takes longer to brew, causing your grinded beans to saturate for longer.

Hario Cloth Filters for Woodneck Includes :

  • 3x Drip Pot Woodneck Coffee Filters (FD-1)
  • Reusable
  • Compatible with Coffee Dripper DFN-1 and DPW-1 Handle