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Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale

Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale
Gyártó: Fellow
Típus: BS6151
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Bruttó ár. Az árak 27%-os ÁFÁ-t tartalmaznak.

Ingyenes Szállítás Országosan 14.999Ft fölött!

Fellow - Tally Pro Precision Scale

Fellow Tally Pro Precision Scale is an electronic scale designed for pour-over brewing methods. Tally is precise, responsive, has a timer, bright display, and a unique Brew Assist™ mode.

Why is Fellow Tally Pro Precision Scale perfect for you:

Brew Assist™ Mode - Choose your preferred coffee-to-water ratio and Tally’s Brew Assist™ Mode will guide you until you hit your goal. Perfect for beginners, those who often change the rato or brew different amounts of coffee.
Even more modes to choose from  -Apart from the Brew Assist™ Mode, Fellow Tally has a Timer Mode (side-by-side timer and weight in grams) and a Weight Mode (in grams, ounces, pounds, and milliliters of water). 

Accurate and highly responsive - Tally is as fast and precise as you can get, quickly stabilizing so every drop of your pour-over counts. Accurate to the tenth of a gram, with 2500g maximum capacity.
Easy-to-read display and long battery life  - Luminous OLED Display is bright and effortless to read in all conditions. The rechargeable (USB-C) lithium-ion battery lasts for thirteen hours of continuous use.
Unique design  - Fellow Tally is solid and elegant, made of metal glass and plastic. The scale makes a perfect addition to every interior. The weigh pan is removable and easy to clean.
  Tally is intuitive thanks to the knob, buttons and easy-to-read display.

Tally is a perfect companion of other Fellow products.  
The scale is accurate to the tenth of a gram.